Ala Champ


The Tokyo Fashion Model Championing Luxury Fashion And Underground Culture

August, 2017

Tokyo-based model Kozue Akimoto is renowned for her striking look – cherry red lips, signature cat eye liner and long, raven-black hair and blunt fringe that is instantly recognisable. As daughter of Japan’s sumo legend (58th sumo grand champion) Chiyonofuji Mitsugu, Akimoto has grown to become a globally-renowned model, DJ and fashion icon, and can be found at every Paris Fashion Week with effortless style, while formerly working with Riccardo Tisci at Givenchy, Kenzo and adidas. Not only does Akimoto represent luxury fashion, but also champions underground creative culture through her own personal interests in art, music and design.

Kozue was featured in Ala Champ Issue 10 ‘Champion Womens Edition’ 2016
Photography: Satomi Yamauchi for Ala Champ
Words: Joanna Kawecki

Kozue Akimoto, Tokyo, Japan, 2016 © Photo: Satomi Yamauchi for Ala Champ
August, 2017