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February, 2023
ISSEY MIYAKE GINZA / 442 © ISSEY MIYAKE INC. Photo: Masaya Yoshimura, Copist

A brand new ISSEY MIYAKE store opens in Tokyo, designed by esteemed Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka. ISSEY MIYAKE GINZA / 442 — named after it’s site address — is a brand new four-floor destination for the legendary Japanese brand.

Across 450sqm of space situated in central Ginza, find the new store’s interior reflecting Yoshioka’s recognisable minimalist design language, find the prominent use of recycled extrusion-molded aluminum for staircase barriers, floating walls (reminiscent of yukimi shoji) and sleek clothing racks that beautifully conceal hanger hooks. The timeless and restrained interior allows your attention to gravitate directly to the extraordinary garments and product design of ISSEY MIYAKE found inside.

Champ Editor Joanna Kawecki spoke with store’s designer Tokujin Yoshioka prior to opening. Yoshioka’s inherent understanding of the ISSEY MIYAKE vernacular, comes from his tenure as a long term collaborator, having designed numerous products and existing store interiors for the brand such as A-POC ABLE ISSEY MIYAKE / KYOTO and GOODS GOODS ISSEY MIYAKE / DAIKANYAMA. He explained, “When I design ISSEY MIYAKE stores, I try to incorporate one new idea as a core of my design. In a project involving architecture, such as a store design project, there are constraints such as a complex landform or building rules, but I always design with the idea of creating a simple yet powerful message within that context.”

On the new store, Yoshioka approached the interior with a fundamental focus on innovation. “Mr. Miyake always told me that he wanted me to design something innovative. It was an abstract and free request, so it was always very challenging.” He notes, “In the design of ISSEY MIYAKE GINZA / 442, floating aluminum walls were designed as if they penetrate into the space. It allows the space to become a minimalistic language of design, creating the illusion that clothes are floating in the air. These ecologically sustainable recycled aluminum walls made with a special technique create a futuristic space, which is a reflection of the philosophy of ISSEY MIYAKE.”

Nestled behind the famed Ginza Wako Department store, and a stones throw from its existing ISSEY MIYAKE GINZA / 445 store (that now also sees a brand new gallery space titled Cube), the new store ISSEY MIYAKE GINZA / 442 is a welcome addition to the historic luxury retail district. With a corner positioning in the heart of Ginza, the sophisticated interior sees plentiful natural light that over the course of the day, changes and adds a dimensionality to the gradient of the silver aluminium detailing. Yoshioka was parrticularly drawn to the material not only for its superficial aesthetic, but its genuine qualities with light and shadow and its innovative and sustainable production. He adds, “I believe that we are in an age where the responsibility and social nature of designing and making is being questioned. I was conscious of creating a space that allows visitors to experience elements that indicate the future, rather than excessive and elaborate design. By using recycled aluminum, a reusable material, to compose the space, I wanted to create an environmentally friendly design while at the same time putting forth the message of the ISSEY MIYAKE brand.”

ISSEY MIYAKE GINZA / 442 © ISSEY MIYAKE INC. Photo: Masaya Yoshimura, Copist
ISSEY MIYAKE GINZA / 442 © ISSEY MIYAKE INC. Photo: Masaya Yoshimura, Copist
Detail | ISSEY MIYAKE GINZA / 442 © Joanna Kawecki
Detail | ISSEY MIYAKE GINZA / 442 © Joanna Kawecki
ISSEY MIYAKE GINZA / 442 © ISSEY MIYAKE INC. Photo: Masaya Yoshimura, Copist
ISSEY MIYAKE GINZA / 442 © ISSEY MIYAKE INC. Photo: Masaya Yoshimura, Copist

4-4-2 Ginza, Chuo-ku,
Tokyo 141-0061

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Text: Joanna Kawecki
Images: ISSEY MIYAKE INC. Photo: Masaya Yoshimura, Copist & Joanna Kawecki

February, 2023