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Hamawaki No Nagaya, Beppu

An experiential artwork and overnight stay, created by artist Satoshi Hirose

June, 2017
Hamawaki No Nagaya by artist Satoshi Hirose. Photo: Takashi Kubo/Beppu Contemporary Art Festival "Mixed Bathing World" Committee.

‘Hamawaki No Nagaya’ from artist Satoshi Hirose, is an experiential artwork and overnight stay, created for arts initiative Beppu Project and spectacularly located amongst the beautiful landscape of Beppu’s Hamawaki Area in Kyushu, West Japan, famously known as a hot spring (onsen) destination.

In a beautifully-converted traditional Japanese house located in Beppu’s Hamawaki Area, a contemporary and experiential artwork by Japanese-artist Satoshi Hirose is found. Held over two rooms, distinctly Japanese architectural space is filled with the scent of Hinoki wood and dimly lit, containing two artworks by Hirose; Garden of the Firmament (2012) and House of Kabosu (2012) both executed by designer Amano Shigeru (team21).

The House of Kabosu includes the kitchen and dining area of the house, with a ceiling made from cheesecloth and scattered citrus fruits, a nod to the fruits local to the area.

The Garden of the Firmament is presented as the overnight artwork space, where a luminescent blue light fills the space from beneath the electric glass beads covering the ground floor. It is held under a second floor, as the transparent in glass awaits your overnight rest on a traditional yet transparent-floored Japanese futon.

Garden of the Firmament (2012) Satoshi Hirose, Beppu Project. Photo: Takashi Kubo.

Hamawaki No Nagaya
Hamawaki area
Beppu City, Oita Prefecture, Japan

Artist Satoshi Hirose's overnight artwork space presents a luminescent blue light that fills the space from electric glass beads covering the ground floor.
June, 2017