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Sammlung Boros

Unlike No Other; A Private Art Collection In A Former WW2 Bunker in Berlin

November, 2017
Außenansicht Bunker, Sammlung Boros, Berlin © Foto: NOSHE

In Berlin’s Mitte district lies an unusual World War 2 bunker, a 5-storey building built above the ground, which has remarkably been split into half home / half gallery now known as Sammlung Boros.

Sammlung Boros presents one of the most fascinating private contemporary art collections made available for public view since 2008, by collectors Christian and Karen Boros. It’s history holds and equally fascinating past, with the building previously as a WW2 bunker for resident shelter during the bombings, to a cold-facility storage space for fruits and vegetables, to a rave club (due to it’s unique confined structure and lack of windows).

With visits only available upon appointment request, the collection houses Olafur Eliasson, Sarah Lucas and Elmgreen and Dragset works, in a casual environment all living harmoniously. Purchased originally in 2003 by Boros to house his collection of art, the gallery has grown and recently in 2012, they unveiled 130 new artworks to view. Artists from Danh Vo, Tomás Saraceno, Ai Wei Wei, Damien Hirst, Cerith Wyn Evans, Wolfgang Tilmans and Roman Ondák, are all on view and displayed in this unconventional gallery space.

Still one of Berlin’s best kept secrets, Sammlung Boros manage to house photography, multiple sound- scape works and sculpture all under the one roof, to ensure an experience like no other.

He Xiangyu, Sammlung Boros, Berlin © Foto: NOSHE
Katja Novitskova, Sammlung Boros, Berlin © Foto: NOSHE
Yngve Holen, Sammlung Boros, Berlin © Foto: NOSHE

Sammlung Boros
Reinhardtstraße 20,
10117 Berlin, Germany

Avery Singer, Sammlung Boros, Berlin © Foto: NOSHE
November, 2017