Ala Champ


The Art Of Subtraction at 'Big Ship' at The Mass, Harajuku

Tomoo Gokita ‘PEEKABOO’

Abstract Figures & Monochromatic Brushstrokes At Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery

Dream House By Marina Abramović

An Experiential Overnight Artwork In Japan's Mountainous Niigata Region


As Selected By The Champ International Family of Designers and Curators

Views From A Rooftop [Social Studies: Cuba]

Lukas Korschan Explores The City of Havana. From Above.

Museum of Natural History, Paris

Photographer Ryan Hopkinson visits the Gallery Of Paleaontology

Also known as the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, is actually a series of 14 buildings located across Paris.

Here pictured,  find the spectacular building The Gallery of Palaeontology and Comparative Anatomy, in the heart of Jardin des Plantes botanical gardens, housing artefacts on display for the public.

Formally founded in 1793, the museum champions education, science and culture through it’s spaces Gallery of Mineralogy and Geology, Grande Galerie de l’Evolution showcasing a vital insight into the evolution of species and man with over 7000 preserved animal specimens in a 19th-century hall.

The Gallery of Palaeontology
2 Rue Buffon, 75005
Paris, France

May, 2017