Ala Champ


The New York Creative Polymath Bringing New Energy to the London Scene

February, 2015
Tremaine Emory photographed by Emanuele D’Angelo LivinCool

Tremaine Emory is pure New Yorker.

His accent gives him away, but it’s that drawl that charms the Brits and colleagues alike.

Now living in London, he’s the go-to man for events, a connector to various creative circles – in both East and West London. 

Working with restaurant entrepreneur Serge Becker’s Casa de Negra, and La Bodega Negra, Tremaine is their Social Director, at times hosting his own parties with musicians and partner-in-crime Acyde, under the name ‘Luminaries’.

If you’ve ever been to one of their parties, you’ll still be talking about it now…

Tremaine featured in Champ Magazine print issue 7 | Summer 2013

February, 2015