Ala Champ

Édouard Nardon

New Compositions and Whole New Meanings in Nardon's Sculptures & Paintings

August, 2017
Edouard Nardon in New York, captured by Clement Pascal for CHAMP.

Currently working on large paintings and abstract sculptures involving tarot reading and parachutes, artist Édouard Nardon explores various elements, mediums and materials (industrial latex, acrylic, plastic combs, steel, glass, toothbrushes, razor blades) to create his own identity. Originally from Paris, France, the versatile artist now lives and works in New York City, citing Raoul’s as his favourite restaurant and explaining that his go-to bar changes every 3 months. Expressing his love and dislike of the ‘extremeness of everything’, he’s definitely a New Yorker now.

New York. Photo: Clement Pascal for CHAMP.

This feature was originally published in Champ 8 Portrait City Series.

Edouard Nardon in his studio in New York, captured by Clement Pascal for CHAMP.
August, 2017