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Artist Rey Parla Presents "Intentions" at Clear Edition Gallery

Definition Unclear by Rey Parlá © 2017 [Clear Edition Gallery, Tokyo]

Brooklyn-based artist Rey Parla presents his first solo exhibition, INTENTIONS, at Tokyo’s Clear Edition Gallery.

INTENTIONS is comprised of photographic and film works made in Tokyo and New York and focussed on introspection, improvisation, and reflection found throughout an ongoing thread of subjectivity in his own works.

In Rey’s works, his experimental thinking and intuitive process of image creation is key. Inspired by experimental cinema, his focus lies on themes of light, colour, forms, and consciousness.

With an experimental approach to image-making, Rey recreates the conventional approach to photography merged with film techniques and it’s own artistic context, capturing movement in a kind of freeze frame that vibrates with a hum of silent breaths. Although the works are aesthetically beautiful in form and colour, it is simply coincidental as their complex composition allow the viewer a deeper visual connection and ability to form their own philosophical context.

Looking closer, the artwork titles provide a further deeper insight, from Cerebral Reality to Elusive Horizons as illusory creations. As Rey describes them himself, they are “action processing”, viewed either as horizontal or vertical – it is completely up to you. Here, the works take time to be fully observed and produce open-ended meanings for the audience.

Second Nature by Rey Parlá © 2017 [Clear Edition Gallery, Tokyo]
Multiplicity and surprise have always been a part of my interests. Working between these shifting modes of creation is my intention.
Truth by Rey Parlá © 2017 [Clear Edition Gallery, Tokyo]
Unlimited World by Rey Parlá © 2017 [Clear Edition Gallery, Tokyo]
Material Emotion © 2017 Rey Parla [Clear Edition Gallery, Tokyo]
Elusive Horizons © 2017 Rey Parla [Clear Edition Gallery, Tokyo]
Common Denominator © 2017 Rey Parla [Clear Edition Gallery, Tokyo]
October, 2017