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June, 2021
Ryoji Ikeda, point of no return. © Jack Hems, 180 The Strand, 2021

Five years in the making, Japanese artist Ryoji Ikeda‘s solo exhibition at industrial space 180 The Strand in London is the largest exhibition of the artist’s work to ever be shown.

An all-consuming experience for the senses, the long-awaited RYOJI IKEDA solo show is the best way to experience Ikeda’s work in all its glory. Here at 180’s industrial building in the heart of London, 11 works are shown, with six global premieres (such as the mesmerising point of no return) and another five works shown in the UK for the first time.

Technically-coordinated flickering lights and structured accompanying soundtracks are coordinated for a all-senses symphonic journey. Not only focusing on sound (Ikeda worked as an audiovisual producer in Japan), it is about the visitor’s journey. From start to finish, the exhibition is presented with an introduction, crescendo and climax.

Ryoji Ikeda, spectra III. © Jack Hems, 180 The Strand, 2021
Ryoji Ikeda, data.flux. © Jack Hems, 180 The Strand, 2021

Ikeda is known for using codes and data in his work to create patterns of sounds and visuals, combined to create original designs in his work. He’s fascinated by mathematics, and also recently spent time in Cern, researching particle physics. With an accumulated wealth of knowledge behind him, he’s been applying it to new works. In data.flux, Ikeda uses genome and DNA codes to construct the work, presented in a high-speed traffic flow of black and white patterns. It is a brand new work presented completely on the rooms ceiling, providing a new perspective to how Ikeda’s works can be experienced. Found on the floor, Ikeda’s test pattern work invites visitors to step onto the flurry of moving black and white patterns of code, interacting as one, as challenging as that may be.

The exhibition presents the artists DNA together with the progression of his ideas, constantly in flux, just like his unforgettable works.

Co-ordinated together with Vinyl Factory and FACT Mag, RYOJI IKEDA runs until the 1st of August.

Ryoji Ikeda, data-verse trilogy: data-verse 1 (a), data-verse 2 (b) data-verse 3 (c). © Jack Hems, 180 The Strand, 2021
Ikeda's fascinated by mathematics, and also recently spent time in Cern, researching particle physics | Photograph by Champ team Romain Camus
SB-1 Meyer speakers found in the exhibition | Photograph by Champ team Romain Camus
Ikeda's data.flux, presented on the ceiling | Photograph by Champ team Romain Camus
Ikeda's black and white coding patterns | Photograph by Champ team Romain Camus
Ryoji Ikeda, test pattern. © Jack Hems, 180 The Strand, 2021


180 Studios, London, WC2R 1EA

20.05.2021 – 01.08.2021

June, 2021